Looking for an awesome new prostate massager to spice up your love life?  Or maybe you’re searching for a medical device to soothe an enlarged prostate gland?

In our opinion, prostate toys are the best sex toys for men. Choosing the RIGHT device for your personal needs, however, can be a daunting task.  That’s where we come in.  The road to prostate pleasure is within your reach, and our male anal vibrator reviews will help you make the right choice.

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  • Nexus Revo Stealth – Our favorite rechargeable prostate massager!  With wireless remote control.
  • Aneros Vice – A true “guybrator”.  Unique vibration patterns.  Easy to use.
  • Aneros Helix Syn – The timeless classic from Aneros.  Budget priced.  Great for beginners.
  • Njoy Pure Wand – The best stainless steel prostate toy available.  There is no equal.


These devices are extremely popular for men of all sexual orientations.  Gay sex toys or straight sex toys…it makes no difference.  They’re one and the same.
5.0 is best
fun factory duke smallFun Factory Duke4.0Yes
Njoy pure wandNjoy Pure Wand4.9No
Aneros ViceAneros Vice3.9Yes
ElectraStim Duo FlickElectraStim Flick Duo4.5e-stim
lelo billy blue smallLelo Billy4.1Yes
Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 XL reviewNjoy Pure Plug 2.0 XL4.8No
nexus revo 2Nexus Revo 24.0Yes, with rotating head
sonic prostate massager smallSonic Prostate Health Massager3.7Yes
aneros helix synAneros Helix SYN3.4No
nexus revo stealthNexus Revo Stealth4.2Yes, with rotating head
Nexus Gyro hands free smallNexus Gyro4.0No
mangasm edge smallMangasm Edge4.3Yes
orgasm ballOrgasm Ball3.8sex machine
Mangasm Electro3.9e-stim
jopen ego e4 smallJopen Ego E44.5Yes
njoy fun wand SMALLNjoy Fun Wand4.5No
rocks off rude boyRocks Off Rude Boy3.4Yes
Njoy pure plugNjoy Pure Plug4.8No
aneros progasmAneros Progasm4.0No
Njoy prostate pfun plugNjoy Prostate Pfun Plug4.0No
rocks off big boyRocks Off Big Boy3.2Yes

A guide for choosing the right stimulator

Types of massagers


Here is an infographic to get you started. This should help you with your decision. After this graphic there is even more detailed buying information. Enjoy!


How to choose the best prostate massager

How to choose the best prostate massager


There are countless numbers of prostate toys on the market.  Dildos for men come in all shapes, sizes, materials.  Vibrating and non-vibrating.  Rubber, plastic, metal and silicone.  The choices are endless.  They all claim to be the best.  We’ll help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Let’s break the entire market down to 3 segments:

  • Vibrating – great for those who like a tool that vibrates.  Increases the sensation and adds to the pleasure.  Vibrating dildos are AWESOME!  The Nexus Revo 2 is one of our top choices.  Or, if wireless remote control is your thing, see the Nexus Revo Stealth.
    • Silicone – for a softer, more flexible device.  A higher level of comfort for the user.
    • Plastic – harder than silicone.  Not as pliable.  Less comfortable.  The Mangasm Edge, for example.
  • Non-vibrating – the majority of toys fall into this category.  Effective use of these devices require proper pressure and positioning
    • Stainless steel – these are the most durable items.  Medical grade stainless never degrades or falls apart.  Very easy to clean.  Nearly indestructible.  See our review of the Njoy Pure Wand.
    • Glass – these are very durable as well.  We don’t suggest dropping them.  But very easy to clean and maintain.  Check out the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Prostate Massager.
    • Silicone – devices with a softer feel.  Often more comfortable for the user.  See our review of the Nexus Gyro.
    • Plastic – usually a hard plastic, not as comfortable as silicone.  Like the Aneros Progasm.
  • E-Stim – electric stimulation (E-stim) is another way to stimulate your prostate.  As the name suggests, electric current is introduced to the body parts in contact with the electrode.  When these currents come in contact with the sensitive parts of your body, amazing things can happen.  We refer to it as electrosex 🙂  An interesting toy that we really like is the Electrastim Flick Duo.

Things to consider when looking at prostate stimulators

Vibrating or non-vibrating

This is the first step when deciding on the best anal toy to purchase.  Do you want a massager with a little buzz?  Then go for a vibrating model, such as the Aneros Vice.  They are sometimes referred to as a “guybrator.”  These toys are a lot of fun, but consider that you’ll need to replenish with fresh batteries or recharge it at some point.

If you want a non-vibrating model, consider something like the Aneros Helix Syn.  This device is anatomically correct and will hit all the right spots.  No batteries to worry about…EVER.


Stimulators are made from all sorts of materials.  Plastic is the most common, but silicone toys are really coming into their own.  When deciding between plastic or silicone, we always recommend silicone, as it will flex and bend (but some don’t, depending on the model) as you need, for optimum pleasure and comfort.  The Aneros company has a large lineup, with most of them made with silicone.  Also, you can’t go wrong with them, as they have been making sex toys for a long time.  They know what they’re doing.

Njoy pure plug

Njoy Pure Plug

Stainless steel is another option.  It’s actually my personal favorite.  As you can imagine, stainless is the ultimate in durability and longevity.  It’s also extremely easy to clean and sanitize, assuming it is a polished model.  These devices are generally made from medical grade stainless (like forceps and other medical instruments).  Most of these are buffed to a mirror shine, such as the Njoy Prostate Pfun Plug.

Stainless is  more versatile than the others. It’s great if you want to experiment with different temperatures.  For the general public, it is advisable to soak the toy in a sink or pan of warm water, before use.  Cold or hot steel can be very uncomfortable on your pleasure parts.  Take a look at the Njoy Fun Wand.

However… some of you might enjoy a little temperature play, which is cooling or heating the device before insertion.  Steel is great for this, as it will maintain the desired temperature for much longer than “conventional” tools.  Sound interesting to you?  Check out these awesome toys from Njoy:  The Njoy Fun Wand or the Njoy Pure Plug.  The Pure Plug comes in 4 different sizes.  Be sure to check them ALL out!

Glass is a classic option.  Not as durable as steel, but very easy to clean and sanitize.  It’s also a more economical option.  A little more care is required for glass.  You don’t want to drop it on the floor, or chip it on something hard.  It could break; or worse, a chipped toy could cut you in a place you “down there.”  Not good.


This is always a top consideration when browsing sex toys for guys.  Stainless steel will be the most expensive.  More than silicone, plastic or glass.  Glass and plastic are normally the cheapest.  Silicone is used in the middle and higher priced items.

lelo billy

Lelo Billy

Vibrating toys are usually more expensive than non-vibrating ones.  Obviously it costs a little more money to have that fancy buzzing mechanism.  Rocks Off makes some very
reasonably priced vibrators, like the Rocks Off Rude Boy and Big Boy.

Whatever you choose, I always advise that you spend a little extra money and purchase a toy from a reputable manufacturer.  Purchase the best you can afford.  Remember, that extra cash is a small price to pay for a toy that will last much longer, feel better, and will be much safer.

 Where to buy

Obviously you’re browsing online, comparing different products and prices.  That’s how you got here, right?!  The sheer number of websites selling sex toys is stunning;  peddling every prostate massage product under the sun.  Many of them reputable, some not.  If you don’t want to shop online, you can probably find a local brick and mortar store near you.

If you want to buy sex toys online, I strongly recommend Amazon.  Why Amazon?  Their prices are almost always cheaper than other online retailers.  They are a great source for discount sex toys. For reference, I encourage you to check around at some of the large, well known online dealers.  9 times out of 10, Amazon is cheaper or at the same price.  And they offer free shipping on any order over $35 (as of 9/21/2014).  Most of the big retailers only give free shipping when you spend $75 or $100.





Use a quality anal lube


We can’t have fun with our prostate toys if we don’t have lube, now can we??  Hop on over to our best anal lube page to see your options.  A quality lubricant is critical for the safe and pleasurable enjoyment of your new toy.  Or any other anal activities, for that matter.


Top Prostate Toys

Jopen Ego E4

jopen ego e4The Jopen Ego E4 is one of our top contenders for the top prostate massager. The sleek, seamless design and the rechargeable lithium ion battery are just two of its many outstanding features.  Jopen makes mostly high-end sex toys, and this is no exception.  It’s definitely one of the higher priced items we have reviewed, but it’s worth every penny.  The saying, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to this device.

A unique feature that we really like is the placement of the vibrating mechanism (the pleasure bullet).  It’s integrated into the perineum end.  This sends those wonderful vibes into the perineum, but they also travel straight into the prostate for maximum sensation and pleasure.

CLICK HERE for full review…

Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy pure wand

Weighing in at 1.5 pounds, the Pure Wand is a serious prostate stimulator.  Made from 100% stainless steel and polished to a mirror shine, this product is sure to please.  It’ s definitely one of our top picks.

Stainless is easy to clean and sanitize.  It’s great if you’re into temperature play.  The balls on each end are 1 inch and 1.5 inches.  This makes it a dual purpose toy, capable of pleasing a man’s P spot and woman’s G spot.  A great sex toy for couples.

CLICK HERE for full review

Sonic Prostate Health Massager

sonic prostate massager

This is the Sonic Prostate Health Massager by Prostate Health Center.  Jump over to our page for a full review of this top-notch item.  This product is actually marketed  as a medical device, but performs the same functions the rest of the items reviewed here.  It stimulates the prostate gland, and does an awesome job as well.  This is a portable, ultrasonic vibrating massager that stimulates the gland and the rectal muscles, through pulsating vibrations.  These “pulses” go at a frequency between 9,000 and 12,000 per minute.  A very fast, but gentle device.  It’s thin, and easily inserted into the rectum.

If you’re looking for a stimulator that doesn’t look quite as naughty as some of the others that we review, this may be the tool for you.  It’s also very discreet looking; most people wouldn’t even know what is at a glance.

CLICK HERE for full review


A video for choosing a prostate massager:  a guide for beginners

Here is a great YouTube video explaining the basics of what to look for in a device.  This was produced by an adult toys company in the United Kingdom.