What is the male g spot?

In order to better understand how a prostate massager (like these) works, it’s important to know about the male G spot.  The male G Spot, sometimes referred to as the “P-spot,” is the prostate gland.  This gland is about the size of a walnut, and is located very near the bladder.  Directly behind the bladder, to be precise.  To get an idea of how deep it is, see the diagram on this page.  It is roughly 2 inches (5 cm) deep, equivalent to the distance from the tip of an index finger, down to the second knuckle.  Anatomically, it is in almost the same position in the male body as the g-spot in a woman’s body.

Miscellaneous prostate facts

  • it normally weighs around 11 grams.  Normal is considered between 7 and 16 grams.
  • its function is to produce and store a milky or white fluid (semen), with a slightly alkaline pH.  This fluid makes up about a third of a man’s ejaculatory fluid
  • sperm flows through the prostate gland, and mixes with the semen, prior to ejaculation

However, there is ALSO a tremendous amount of sexual potential in this little gland. When massaged properly, one can induce an orgasm similar to a G spot orgasm for a woman.  Massaging him in this way can make him feel euphoric, both emotionally and physically.  Some men say they PREFER prostate orgasms over a traditional one, and I am one of these men.  It is a mind blowing experience!  With a bit of practice, this massage will elevate his orgasm to an entirely new level.  This “fun spot” is one of the most neglected treasures of a man’s body.

prostate location

The most effective way to to perform a prostate massage is with a finger, anal vibrator or similar item inserted into the rectum (see the diagram).  This can be done solo (by yourself) or with a partner.  It is easier to do if you have a willing partner.

A lot of men are uncomfortable with having an object inserted into their bum.  Some guys feel this makes them less manly.  I STRONGLY disagree with all the doubters.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man pleasuring himself with anal play.  It’s his body and he can do whatever he wants with it.

For all you guys out there with an open mind, this erotic stimulation will absolutely rock your world.  Plain and simple.  As I always say: “don’t knock it ’til you try it!”

The benefits of prostate massage are many.  These are both medicinal and sexual.  This site focuses primarily on the sexual aspect.

As we said earlier, the pleasure experience can reach spectacular levels.  For sexual partners and lovers, the act of massaging a man’s prostate can be a very personal and enlightening experience.  Allowing someone else to perform this task takes a certain amount of trust and respect.  These can be truly bonding experiences for couples. It is a win-win for both persons.  The physical pleasure felt by the “receiver” is totally awesome. The sexual empowerment experienced by the “giver” is truly phenomenal.  This emotional and physical intimacy really creates an environment of trust and respect.