With all the options available, it’s difficult to decide on a single best anal lube.  To be perfectly honest, there is no “best” when it comes to sexual lubricants.  It all comes down to personal choice and budget.  It’s often best to try a few different brands or types (water based, silicone based or oil based) and see what suits you best.  Most lubricants meant for conventional sexual activities work perfectly fine for anal play.  Wikipedia has a “slick” page on personal lubricants.  Check it out here.

All these products we discuss are perfectly acceptable for men AND women to use

Honestly, an anus is an anus, regardless of sex.  They work exactly the same for either sex.

You may be asking yourself questions like these:

  • Why do I need a lubricant for anal penetration?
  • What do I look for when purchasing a sex lube?
  • Do you have suggestions for safe, quality products?  Yes we do!  See our top picks guide!

We’ll be answering these questions and many more.  Please read on…


Why do I need a good lubricant for anal penetration?

As we all know, a man’s anus is not self-lubricating.  Whether engaging in anal sex, pegging or prostate massage, it is important that the bum is properly lubed.  The tissue lining in the rectum is very thin, and very sensitive.  Bad things can happen if you damage these tissues. Read more about this on my prostate massage page.


What to look for when buying?

Lubes for anal play and lubes for regular sex are interchangeable.  They can be used for either activity.  However, a thicker-bodied lube seems to work best when going the anal route.  It stays in place better than a thinner, more watery type.  This can help minimize the amount used, saving money and time.  Our recommended products guide, shown below, contains primarily the thicker type, and branded specifically for anal use.


Never use a silicone-based lube on a silicone sex toy.  The lube will break down the material of the toy, turn it into a gummy mess, and render it useless.


There are basically 4 types

  1. Water-based
  2. Silicone-based
  3. Petroleum or oil-based
  4. Desensitizing

1.  Water based

These are generally the cheapest lubes available.

  • The main advantage of water-based lubricants?  It’s safe for nearly ALL sex toys, and is a perfect match up for silicone based devices.
  • Main disadvantages?  It can get a dry feeling after a relatively short term of use.  This isn’t a huge deal if you add a little more lube, or put some saliva on it.  A bit of water or saliva can “refresh” the stuff.

Here is one of our favorite WATER BASED lubes:  Passion.  This is a best seller.

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2.  Silicone based

Usually a little more expensive, but worth it.  Their “slippery factor” lasts for a much longer period of time than water based.  The overall sensation is VERY SLIPPERY.

  • Advantage?  A little goes a long way.  You won’t need to use a lot of it at one time.  Sometimes a few drops will suffice.  You pay more, you get less, but sometimes spending a little more up front saves you money down the road.  And it’s a lot more pleasant while doing so!
  • Disadvantage?  Silicone lubes don’t play well with silicone sex toys.  The lube will chemically interact with a silicone toy and start to “eat away” at it.  It can actually break down the silicone surface.  And you certainly don’t want that inside your body.

Here is one of our favorite SILICONE BASED lubes:  Wet Platinum

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Nina Hartley talks about Wet Platinum

3.  Oil based

There aren’t nearly as many oil based products on the market.  Water and silicone based offer the most options.  However, depending on your preferences, these can offer some high quality lubrication.

  • Advantage?  You’re using a natural product.  Superb, natural oils come from:  sunflowers, shea butter and coconuts!  If you get a coconut oil product, it smells WONDERFUL!  These products will soak into the skin and “other” areas while leaving things just slippery enough to keep things comfortable.  If you prefer something that’s slippery but DOESN’T feel like a Wham-o Slip N Slide, this might be the product for you.
  • Disadvantage?  It’s expensive.  If you don’t like the smell or taste of coconut or other natural oils, you should probably pass on this one.

Here is one of our favorites in this category:  Luvbutter.  Contains sunflower oil, shea butter AND cocoa butter!  With a money back guarantee!


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4.  Desensitizing

If anal play is painful or uncomfortable for you, a desensitizing lube may be a good product for you.  Basically, these lubes contain an agent called lidocaine that numbs the area.

  • Advantages?  They maintain all the slick qualities you would expect from a lube, with the ability to numb the area to reduce discomfort or enhance pleasure.
  • Disadvantages?  Numbing the play area can take a lot of the pleasure out of sex and masturbation.

Here is one of our favorite DESENSITIZING lubes: Cleanstream Relax

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