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Here is a list of our 6 favorite prostate stimulators for guys.  No particular order here; just top rated anal toys that we want to share with our readers. A link to the full review, with video, is included for each device.

REMEMBER:  Men can enjoy sex toys just as much as women.  Sometimes we’re just a little bashful when it comes to putting things into our bums.  Don’t be afraid to give it a go!

6 DIFFERENT types of stimulators

    1. stainless steel
    2. vibrating
    3. sonic
    4. dual action
    5. standard (non-vibrating)
    6. e-stim

1.  Stainless steel

Ever consider a stainless steel prostate toy?  If not, we highly recommend you give it a go.

Let’s face it, stainless has a real naughty factor.  It goes against the grain and contradicts everything we thought we knew about sex toys for him. It can be enjoyed at any reasonable temperature:  hot, lukewarm or cold.  The inherent properties of steel allow it to maintain any desired temperature, for a much longer period of time than any of its silicone, glass or plastic cousins.  It’s VERY durable.  These toys will last a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance.  Last but not least, stainless is a breeze to clean.  Just wash it with soapy water, or throw it in the dishwasher!  Easy peasey.

Our favorite?

The Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy pure wand

In case you haven’t noticed, we are FREAKS when it comes to stainless steel prostate massagers.  We love them for their durability and ease of maintenance.   Plus, using steel is just…awesome!  The Njoy Pure Wand is no exception.

Weighing in at 1.5 pounds, this is a genuine people pleaser.  With a ball on each end (1 inch and 1.5 inch) this tool has something for everyone.  The fairer sex can also use it, with outstanding results.

The big end is a real “eye opener,” if you catch my drift…

Njoy Plugs

If steel anal plugs are more your style, we recommend the Pure Plug or the Pure Plug 2.o.  Either of these will more than satisfy your butt plug fetish.

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2.  Vibrating

Toys that go BUZZ should be included in EVERY dude’s sex toy toolbox.  They are sometimes referred to as a “guybrator“.  In my opinion, vibrating male massagers are the ultimate toys for guys, when it comes to prostate pleasure.  Vibe toys add that extra “oomph” we all crave from time to time.  Kinda like that itch, that you just can’t scratch?  Yeah…same thing here.  When regular toys get boring, a good vibrator is always there for a personal rescue.

Our favorite?

The Aneros Vice


Aneros Vice

The ANEROS VICE is always at the top of our list.  Versatile and easy to use.  The size isn’t too intimidating.  It works well for experienced players and mid-level guys who like variable vibe devices.  With multiple vibration modes, Vice has something for everyone.

Another vibrating device we highly recommend is the Lelo Billy.  It’s also a multi speed device that performs very well.

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3.  Sonic

Sonic?  What the heck is that?!?  Well, it’s a bit different from massagers you’re used to.  It utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to stimulate the prostate.  Can you say, “weak in the knees? ”  With this baby, prostate orgasm can cum happen quickly. Once your technique is perfected,  orgasm can arrive very fast, typically 3 to 6 minutes.  Yeah, you read that correctly.


Sonic Prostate Health Massager

sonic prostate massager

The Sonic Prostate Health Massager is also a great choice. It utilizes high frequency vibrations to excite the male prostate.  The vibes pulse at a rate of 9,000 to 12,000 per minute.  Orgasm is typically achieved much faster with this, versus standard devices.

This tool is actually marketed as a medical device, and as such, it is specifically designed for therapeutic prostate massage. Like the other devices we review, it is also a fabulous tool to enhance sexual pleasure.

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 4.  Dual action

Sometimes, sticking anal toys in the bum gets a bit…boring.  Spice things up a bit with a toy that hits the prostate AND perineum at the same time!  Most of these dual action devices are hands free.

Almost everything made by the Rocks Off company can be enjoyed without assistance, once in place.  Want to vibe while driving your car?  No problem.  Looking for some quick shower time pleasure?  Easy!

Our favorite?

Rude Boy by Rocks Off

rocks off rude boy prostate massager

The Rocks Off Rude Boy is another one of our favorite male vibrators.  The 80 mm bullet with seven settings is pure awesomeness!  And, it’s 100% waterproof.  Great for playtime in the shower or anywhere else.
It’s easy to use, and is a perfect toy for hands-free masturbation.  Rocks Off makes a lot of quality products, and this one is no exception.

For a dual action toy with even MORE power, have a look at the Nexus Revo 2.  It’s significantly more expensive, but it’s also far more advanced than anything manufactured by Rocks Off.

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5.  Standard (non-vibrating)

We like to call these the “normal” prostate toys.  No vibrations.  No cold or warm sensations.  The advantage of these devices?  They are shaped or molded to be anatomically correct.  Meaning, they have all the right curves in all the right places to hit ALL the right spots.

Once inserted, they stay in place.  All have a safety tab or ring that makes a great handle for adjusting or removing the device.

Our favorite for this group?

Aneros Helix Syn

aneros helix syn review

In our opinion, the Aneros Helix Syn is a revolutionary prostate stimulator.  The hands-free design is the ultimate ergonomic toy.  It’s molded of pure silicone with a solid core, which makes it comfortable and easy to work with.

The “tabs” on the back end have two specific purposes.  First, the black tab is designed to rub against the perineum.  This adds an additional level of pleasure to the experience.  The red tab is the handle.  Use this to reposition or remove it.  Although, once it’s in,  adjustment is usually unnecessary.  Pretty simple, eh?

Oh, let’s not forget the best part:  that bulbous business end that you see in the picture?  This will hold the device in place, and the gentle curve will place the tip right against the prostate gland. The rectum actually pulls the device into the proper position, once it’s inserted past the half way point.

Easy Peasey.

Also, have a look at another very popular male massager:  the Nexus Gyro.  This is also a hands free device, but with a different twist on prostate massage.

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6.  E-stim (electro stimulation)

This is yet another variation on prostate stimulation.  Instead of direct pressure from a traditional prostate massager, very low powered waves of electric current are “shot” into his prostate.  We don’t recommend e-stim for beginners.  This is something that should be explored only after a guy is comfortable with traditional prostate massage.

The hidden “bonus” resulting from using an e-stim device?  Many men experience the ability to perform longer in bed, with more intense erections!

Our favorite for this group?

Mangasm Electro

mangasm electro

The Mangasm Electro is A LOT of fun.  However, it’s not built for long-lasting durability like the stainless steel and silicone models we review on this site.  It’s something to be used occasionally, for those special times by yourself or with a loving partner.

E-stim definitely brings a NEW and BOLD type of excitement to the bedroom.  Whether solo or with a partner, “electrical stimulation” opens up new horizons for guys and their bedroom toys.

We REALLY like the ElectraStim Flick DUO as well.  It’s more expensive than this one, but also a much higher quality device.

Also, it’s wise to have some experience with “traditional “prostate massage before jumping in, head first, to this type of anal play.

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Final thoughts…and some self promotion 🙂

With THOUSANDS of websites peddling men’s sex toys,  we sift through all the B.S.  Let’s keep it simple.  Want reviews with videos?  We have ’em.  Want detailed specs?  We have those too.  Browse around to find the best quality toy, with the proper specs, for the right price.

If you’re looking for more information on how to choose a prostate massager, we have a nifty infographic for that too!

* A note for guys who are uneasy with prostate play

Don’t be shy or nervous about prostate toys or anal penetration. There is still a persistent social stigma regarding men and anal play. Women can freely discuss their favorite g-spot vibrator amongst their friends and co-workers. However, men can’t discuss anal toys, for fear of being labeled a freaky or a pervert. Hence, we keep these conversations on the down-low.

Remember: sex toys aren’t just JUST for women. If you’re lucky, you already have a willing partner to help you on your journey to prostate bliss! If not, it never hurts to ask.

If you’ve never experienced prostate orgasm or prostate massage or milking, you are seriously missing out on one of the finer things in life. Your prostate is there for a reason…enjoy it! If you need more info on the male G spot, and how to locate it, we have a guide for that too!