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Pros: Smaller size. Great for beginners. Durable. Made from FDA approved materials.
Cons: A bit expensive. Not for those accustomed to a larger prostate massager. If you're looking for something a bit bigger, we recommend the Aneros Progasm

Aneros Helix Syn

After using this product myself, I just HAD to write this review.  This plug gets mixed reviews online, but I feel that it’s supremely awesome!

The Helix Syn is great for beginners

For starters, let’s get one thing straight regarding this device.  It’s great for beginners.  If you’re interested in prostate massage and are ready to take the leap with a new toy, this is a great one to get you started.  The small, slim size is perfect for getting started with prostate massage.  No other toy on the market is as easy to use as this one.

For the more experienced folks, the Helix Syn may not be for you, as it’s on the smaller side.  If you’re accustomed to anal play, a larger toy would be in order.  For example, the Aneros Progasm which you can see here.

Now on to the review…


This tool is about 4 inches long, but quite slim in diameter.  It is made from “velvet touch” silicone, for maximum comfort.  Mine arrived packaged nice and discreet from  Very professional packaging from Aneros.  They even threw in a sample of their of their  special lube called I-D Glide.  This is a water-based lube…very nice and slippery.

Anatomy of the Helix Syn

The “P-tab”

Like other Aneros products, it has a small ball on the handle.  This is meant to rest against the perineum.  When inserted, this ball gently massages your perineum.  A very nice sensation that gets more intense as your level of activity increases.  When you get your body really moving, the effect is amplified.

You are essentially getting an internal and external prostate massage at the same time!  2 for 1 is always nice.

Head and Stem

Like the Aneros Progasm, the Syn has a head and stem are designed to easily slide into the rectum and stay in place.  The head nuzzles right up against the prostate.  It applies the correct amount of pressure for very effective prostate stimulation.

The stem is specially shaped to stimulate the walls of the anal canal, which are also a very erogenous area.

A man’s sphincter and PC (pubococcygeus muscle) control the the movement of the Progasm within the anal canal. No hands are required to operate this device. In fact, it’s best if you don’t use your hands unless inserting or removing the toy.

The shape and rigidity of this device are perfect for applying the right amount of pressure in all the right places.  The anatomically correct design is wonderful.  The Syn will perfectly align with your prostate, and stimulation will follow almost immediately!  Very nice.

Best way to use it

To keep it simple, here is a step by step guide to using the Helix Syn:

  1. BEFORE you get started with the toy, it’s important to get your mind and body into a relaxed state.  Take a hot shower, listen to music, meditate or do whatever gets you relaxed.
  2. When you’re ready to begin, lube up the toy AND your rectum with plenty of water based lube.  We recommend Passion, click here to see it.
  3. The easiest way to use the toy is when laying down.  A bed is the best location.  Lay on your side and pull your upper leg up, like in the fetal position.  For example, if you’re laying on your left side, pull your right leg up to your chest.
  4. Slowly insert Syn into your rectum.  Once it gets in about halfway, it will literally be pulled in by your sphincter muscles.  Let the fun begin.
  5. Next, and this is the important part, spend a little more time relaxing.  Once you’re comfortable and any rectal discomfort is gone, you can start flexing your pelvic muscles.  The best way to flex is similar to when you’re in the middle of urinating, and try to stop prematurely.  This is the same group of muscles that will control the massager.

Now, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the Helix, including more intense breathing and flexing exercises.  This 5 step guide is just a simple overview to help you get started.

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A review from a VERY satisfied user

The Helix Syn, requires you to bear down on them like the other Aneros products, but this one gives just a bit. At first, that is a little different feeling than you are used to, and quite frankly a bit disappointing, but once again patience is rewarded. You move, it moves, and the dance begins. Before long, you are having minute long body shaking orgasms. A few seconds rest and you have another. Then another! I have a beautiful wife and very much enjoy making love to her, but at least once a week I attend to prostate health in the most pleasurable way.

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We highly recommend this anal lube:

passion water based lubeThis natural water-based lubricant by Passion Lubes is our favorite.  Easy clean up, and compatible with all toys.  Inexpensive, too.


Check out this product video!