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Pros: Good for those who prefer a larger device. The Kundalini "K-Tabs" precisely massage the perineum for added sensations.
Cons: Not as good for beginners, or those who prefer something smaller. If this is the case, take a look at the Aneros Helix Syn

aneros progasm

In this Aneros Progasm review, let’s take a closer look at a very popular prostate massager that’s sure to tickle your male G spot.

This quote from the official Aneros page sums it up nicely:

With the looks of a black sports car and the feel of our popular Progasm Ice, our latest release is ready to race home to you. Our newest black Progasm has the same qualities as glass while remaining unbrakeable! Order today and be the first to have it in your “garage”!

Not sure why they used the word “unbrakeable” instead of “unbreakable,” but I digress…

We love all Aneros products…

…for their simplicity; and the Progasm is no exception.  Less truly IS more!  Simple to use. Hands-free.  No fancy bells and whistles.  It’s expertly engineered to perform a single task:  to massage the prostate.

Aneros did their homework before building this wonderful toy.  It’s evident in the craftsmanship AND the anatomically correct form.  The “business end” of this toy is designed to be a direct fit into the male rectum.  Once inserted, it’s completely hands-free.   The “bulbous” design keeps it in place.   This allows you to focus completely on your experience, and forget about moving or repositioning the device.


The anatomy of the Progasm

The head and stem

The head and stem of the Progasm are designed to easily slide into the rectum and stay in place.  The head nuzzles right up against the prostate.  It applies the correct amount of pressure for an effective and substantial prostate massage.

The stem is specially shaped to stimulate the walls of the anal canal, which are also a very erogenous area.

A man’s sphincter and PC (pubococcygeus muscle) control the the movement of the Progasm within the anal canal. No hands are required to operate this device. In fact, it’s best if you don’t use your hands unless inserting or removing the toy.

The K-Tab

You saw those little things that look like “hooks” in the product photo, right?  Those are called “K-Tabs”.  With the device in place, one K-tab introduces sensations that run up and down the back, that complement the sensations felt in the prostate.  This is called the “kundalini” spot, which is an accupressure point between the buttocks.

The other tab is called the “P-tab.”  This one massages the perineum.  So, while using this device, you’re actually getting an internal AND external prostate massage!  Very nice!

Be sure to check out the Nexus Gyro.  Gyro is quite different, but still very effective.  The Gyro has a softer feel and it’s made for sitting on.  Progasm is better used while laying down.


  • Maximum width:  1.3 inches
  • Maximum insertable length:  4.5 inches
  • Stem to perineum distance:  1.52 inches
  • User Level:  advanced (this is the largest diameter toy from Aneros)

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One thing I DON’T like about the Progasm

It’s constructed of hard plastic.  Personally, I prefer a silicone toy that has a softer feel and a bit of flex.  This device certainly does the job, as advertised, but I don’t find it quite as comfortable as other toys.  Perhaps the rigid design is what makes this toy work so well.

Final thoughts

All in all, this is an outstanding piece of equipment.  It does the job for me, and apparently many others.  It’s priced right.  I just don’t care for the plastic feel.


A real review from a real Amazon user:

I got offered an Aneros as a joke gift by some friends. It stayed safe within its plastic enclosure until about 2 days ago. It’s a little longer than a finger and originally designed as a medical device for prostate health. It doesn’t vibrate and you’re not supposed to put it in and out, instead using your PC muscles (doing Kegels — which are great for orgasm control, orgasm intensity, multiple orgasms) to stimulate the prostate.

Takes some time to get you started and hot. But when it does…

CLICK HERE for the full review…

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A short product video…very nice