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Pros: Versatile. It can be used and appreciated in many different ways: solo, during intercourse and even while out on the town :)
Cons: Probably not for newbies. Costly, significantly more than other Aneros models.

Aneros Vice

The Aneros Vice is one of our favorite Aneros Devices. It’s bold, sexy and just plain WORKS!

You may be wondering about that metal rod-looking-thing in the picture above. ¬†That’s the vibrating mechanism, oh yeah ūüôā ¬†More on that later. ¬†Continue reading…

The VICE has a different “feel” than other Aneros devices. ¬†This one is made of medical grade silicone, rather than the harder, less forgiving plastic of the Progasm. ¬†The external feel and texture is similar to the Helix Syn. ¬†The difference is this: ¬†the VICE actually has a bit of give, and is able to bend and flex a little. ¬†The Helix Syn is coated with silicone, but because of its rigid core, it really doesn’t flex that much.


  • Overall length: ¬†4.75 inches
  • Maximum width: ¬†1.3 inches
  • Tip width: ¬†1.3 inches
  • Midsection width: ¬†1.27 inches
  • Base width: ¬†.985 inches
  • Vibrator dimensions: ¬†4 inches x .5 inches

When comparing this device to the Aneros Progasm, the main difference is the VICE tilts slightly backward (toward the K-tab) while the Progasm is mostly straight and upright.  We feel that this makes the VICE slightly better at hitting the prostate.  The bend allows the tip to more directly contact the proper areas.

Also, the tabs are slightly different. ¬†The Progasm has thinner arms (the “hook-like” attachments on the bottom). ¬† The VICE has thicker arms. ¬†See the pictures below for a comparison.

Aneros Vice

Aneros Vice

aneros progasm

Aneros Progasm

 Initial Observations

One of the first things I noticed about the VICE is the matte finish of the silicone. ¬†It’s similar in appearance to the Helix Syn. ¬†It certainly has a soft and silky feel when touching it. ¬†Very nice! ¬†This finish makes for a very pleasant feeling when “taking it in.”

The soft silicone really sets this baby apart from the rest of the Aneros lineup. ¬†To be perfectly honest, this toy actually conforms to my body better than any other device that I’ve reviewed. ¬†Simply amazing. ¬†It almost feels like it was custom made just for me.

The engagement against the prostate can be described as firm but also gentle. ¬†It’s almost like it nudges against the P-spot. ¬†Not too hard, not too soft. ¬†Just right in my opinion.

The silicone feel is absolutely wonderful. ¬†It’s soft and has just enough flex to make it VERY comfortable and easy to use.


If you’re on a budget, the Rocks Off Rude Boy or Big Boy may interest you. ¬†Click to check out these reviews.


The Vibrator

This is the best feature of the VICE.  The silicone construction is very nice, but when combined with the bullet vibrator, this thing really takes off.

The vibe has four vibration patterns:

  1. Pulsing
  2. Ramp up
  3. Ramp up/down
  4. Constant

After trying all of them, I found that the Ramp up/down is the most interesting.  The best way to describe this sensation is one large peak in the center, with two smaller peaks at each end.  So, it ramps up to a small peak, holds for a fraction of a second, goes to the larger peak, holds, then ramps back down to the smaller peak.  Very nice to say the least.

I recommend you try them all, as you may find something that works better for you.  This male vibe will never get boring with all the modes of operation!

Be sure to check out the Duke prostate massager, made by Fun Factory. ¬†It’s a little more radical than Vice, but equally satisfying.

Best ways to use it

  • Sit on it – after trying various methods, this is probably the best one for solo use. ¬†The flexible silicone is perfect for this. ¬†The rigid tabs or arms on the Progasm and Helix could be a little uncomfortable for some users while sitting on them. ¬†That’s not the case here. ¬†The silicone is very comfortable and doesn’t feel like you are getting poked or prodded in the perineum. ¬†It’s a more relaxing, softer pressure.
  • During intercourse – this may be a bit TOO MUCH stimulation for some users, but I think it’s an incredible sensation! ¬†With this thing inserted and the vibes going, your next sex session with a significant other will kick into overdrive. ¬†Seriously, this¬†can launch your¬†vanilla sex life to an entirely new level. ¬†Newbies beware ūüôā


Final thoughts

This is a GREAT prostate stimulator. ¬†Expensive? ¬†Yes. ¬†However, for this level of pleasure it’s a small price to pay. ¬†Drop us a line and let us know what you think!

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