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Pros: Hands free pleasure. Great 80 mm "bullet" vibrator. 100% waterproof.
Cons: Needs batteries. May be TOO big for many.

rocks off big boy prostate massager

A BIG anal vibrator

In this review, we take a closer look at the Rocks Off Big Boy. This toy definitely belongs in the big sex toys for guys category.  It’s a close cousin to the Rude Boy and the Naughty Boy.  NOT for the faint of heart.

Very powerful and HANDS FREE!

This is one POWERFUL male vibrator, once you get it in place.  It can take a little work to get it positioned just right, but once it’s there, WOW.  The built-in bulges actually hold it in place quite nicely. The curved design helps to keep it from slipping out or going in too far.  These features allow it to vibrate both the prostate AND the perineum.  Your thrusting motions will direct the tip of the device right onto your prostate.  A truly satisfying buzz.  At 5 inches (12.7 cm) long, it will definitely rock your world.  Exceptional orgasms will follow.

Another vibrating massager we like is the Mangasm Edge.  It has a corded remote control!  A great prostate milking toy.


  • Maximum diameter:  1.6 inches (big!)
  • Maximum insertable length:  4 + inches
  • Best features:  the 80 mm “bullet” vibrator, 100% waterproof

An awesome 80mm bullet vibrator

I got writing about all those curves and bulges, but forgot to mention the most important part:  the 80 mm bullet vibrator that makes this thing go!  It has 7 selectable speeds.

NOT recommended for beginners

This is not a toy for beginners.  At 1.6 inches (4 cm) maximum diameter, most Noobs couldn’t handle it.  For the more experienced gentlemen, however, this toy is HIGHLY recommended.  If you like that “full” feeling, this is definitely a prostate stimulator for you.



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BONUS:  This device also works very well for women, for providing simultaneous vibration to the clit and G spot.  A fabulous sex toy for couples.

Waterproof and body safe

It is expertly constructed from a durable, high-grade silicone, but not flexible.   Constructed of totally body-safe materials.  And it’s 100% waterproof!  Great for playing nearly anywhere.  


A review from a VERY satisfied customer:

I first ordered and have used the Rocks Off Naughty Boy and we have incorporated it into our love making. It too is worth every penny it costs, once you get past the phobia of having something in your rectum. The sustained sensations it produces are a totally new experience to me, and nothing but enjoyable – but then I have a similar sensation when my physicians does a digital rectal exam – just not sustained.

After discussion and thought, I/we thought it might be interesting to get the Big Boy, as I have read some reviews that for some men, once you get passed the third ‘knob’, it will stay in place during intercourse. To me…

CLICK HERE for the full review…

We highly recommend this anal lube:

passion water based lubeThis natural water-based lubricant by Passion Lubes is our favorite.  Easy clean up, and compatible with all toys.  Inexpensive, too.

 A Big Boy video.  This is one impressive anal vibrator.