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Pros: Construction of the main unit and accessories is durable. Lots of different E stim settings, for the discriminating user. The ability to use two accessories at the same time is a big plus
Cons: It's expensive, but totally worth it. This is an investment in sexual pleasure. What's your price tag?

ElectraStim Duo Flick

The ElectraStim Flick Duo: reinventing electro sex

I’ll start off by saying this is the first Digital Sex Toy device I’ve ever used.

The Flick is a toy that utilizes electrical current to stimulate the parts of your body that need stimulating :). Electrical impulse prostate stimulation feels AMAZING.

Electrastim is most commonly used outside the world of adult sex toys.  Lots of folks use TENS style units to electrically stimulate sore muscles all over the body, including the back, arms and legs.  This device operates on the same principle, but it’s much different.  Read on…

The Duo takes things a step further, being designed SPECIFICALLY for sexy time by yourself or with a partner.  It works for both men and women.  To stay with the general theme of this site, we will gear this review toward the men.

The good stuff about Flick

  •  It can operate two, yes 2 e stim accessories at the same time (more about these later).  This means you and your partner enjoy electric sex simultaneously!
  • Using the “flick” function is really cool.  With the device in your hand, a simple and quick motion of the arm will cause it to emit a charge through the accessory.  The harder and faster you flick your arm, the stronger and quicker the electric “shocks” get.

It’s rechargeable

Yep, it has a built-in rechargeable battery.  Up to 3 hours on a single charge, but this will depend on how much juice you’re using during play time.  Just charge it up via the USB port on your home computer or other device.  A nice feature, as you won’t have to worry about having fresh batteries on hand.  With all the electronic devices these days, keeping a fresh stock of batteries is a pain in the ass, in my opinion.

This is potentially a negative, though.  I’ve heard mostly good things about this device, but I always have a concern about built-in rechargeable batteries.  Sometimes they only take so many charges before they “crap out.”  I haven’t had this device long enough to find out.  I suspect it will last for many, many uses, as it looks like a quality unit.

Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this post.  It’s very informative and well-done.  It’ll show you EXACTLY how this unit functions.

What’s in the box?

It comes in a rather small, plain black box.  It has the words “ElectraStim” in silver print.

Enclosed, you will find

  • the main control unit
  • 2 stimulator output cables
  • a small bottle of electrode gel
  • an anal probe (depending on the kit you choose)
  • 2 cock stimulation rubber loops (depending on the kit you choose)
  • electrode gel
  • 4 square adhesive ElectroPads (depending on the kit you choose)
  • instructions
  • the USB charging cord
  • a storage bag

It’s compatible with non-Electrastim accessories

As long as the accessory has a 2mm socket, then it will work with this device.  If it’s another size, you will need an adaptor.  It’s similar to an adaptor you would use for headphones.  You just need to use the recommended size for this device.  Feel free to contact me and I can offer suggestions.


Let’s start with the main control unit

It’s a rather indiscreet silver and black box.  It’s not all that big, so it’s easy to hold in the hand, even if yours are on the smallish side.

I like the “frosted” finish of the plastic on the uni.  It lends a somewhat rough feeling, which makes it easier to grip.  It also won’t show the scuffs and scratches as much, keeping your device looking better over the long run.

The diagram below shows you exactly what the device looks like, and the functions of all the buttons.  Note the location of the USB charging port, at the bottom of the unit.  The stimulation output sockets are on the top.  The rest is LED lights and fairly self explanatory buttons.  Easy to use, and nice looking in my opinion.

There are many different options to choose from:  with 7 functions, 25 intensity levels and 4 different flick modes; the possibilities are endless.  There’s something for everyone here.


Important features

    • dual output stimulation’
    • charges via a USB cable
    • charge indicator for status
    • a “soft start” feature for intensity levels

8 different programs

    1. Continuous:  this is just basic, smooth stimulation to get you warmed up
    2. Alternating waves:  easy and gentle waves that seem to move back and forth between the dual outputs (meaning two accessories are being used at the same time)
    3. Escalating simultaneous waves:  both plugged in accessories get the same increasing and decreasing wave feeling at the same time.  Think of how a wave in the ocean builds up, crests and then falls back down.
    4. Alternating pulse:  this is just a low frequency bouncing pattern.
    5. Escalating simultaneous pulse:  begins with a slow pulse and steadily speeds up to a fast pulse, then slows down again.
    6. Simultaneous falling rest:  this pulse pattern starts slow and then decreases until it reaches a solid, steady buzz
    7. Alternating dual pulse:  just a mid range burst followed by fast bursts
    8. Rapid fire escalate:  shoots increasing numbers of pulses to each output before looping to the beginning

4 flick modes

    1. Mode 1:  only output one is flick sensitive
    2. Mode 2:  only output two is flick sensitive
    3. Dual:  both outputs are flick sensitive
    4. Flick to switch outputs:  Flick motions will alternate between outputs


Comes with a 3 year warranty!

For the stimulation unit only, the manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty upgrade…for FREE!  All you have to do is register.  The electrodes and other accessories are still backed by a 12 month warranty.  When spending this amount of money, it’s nice to have a little piece of mind, in case anything goes wrong.  Remember, they only warranty items that are defective.  If you break it, no dice.

Another E-stim option is the Mangasm Electro. It functions in much the same way, but doesn’t have all the different settings and controls. It’s available for a significantly lower price too.

The probe (anal plug)

This kit includes a nice anal probe.  This is perfect for vaginal or anal use.  The handle is in the shape of a “T” which makes it easy to hold and for readjustment purposes.  It’s 3.5 inches long and 1 inch in diameter.  Not too big, not too small.

electrastim anal probe

Anal Probe


The cock stimulation loops

The kit comes with 2 cock stimulation loops for an entirely new way to experience e stim sex.

The electrodes are made from a non-stretch metallic coil,with great conductivity.  They are adjustable for up to a 1.75 inch wide penis.  Anything bigger and these won’t fit.  These are much better than a regular cock ring.

Remember, you’ll need to use the included electrode gel for it to work properly.

Here are the loops:

cock stimulation loops e-stim


The pads

Included with the unit are two sets of square ElectraPads.  These pads are already sticky, and the cords are plenty long.

These pads measure 1.96 by 1.96

e-stim pads electrastim


There are lots of accessories to choose from

There’s a multitude of different accessories that plug right in to this control unit.  Lots of online retailers sell them.  You can go use your favorite search engine or even Amazon to find them.  Just type in “e-stim accessories” and you will find TONS of options.

If this unit is out of your price range

There are other “packs” available if you want to save some money.  For example, there’s the regular Flick, without the dual output option, but mostly the same accessories.  There are others that don’t come with the anal probe, just the cock loops and/or the pads.  You can even buy just the main control unit, and add the accessories you desire.  However, this can cost you more in the long run if you piecemeal it.

If you want to see the rest of the control units (some cheaper, some more expensive) see the link in the section directly above this one.

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Final thoughts

I really enjoyed taking the Flick Duo for a test drive.  I love this thing!  It’s a quality piece of sex equipment.  The 3 year warranty was the selling point for me.  I’ve always wanted one of these higher end e-stim devices, but could never pony up all the money that was required.  Now I feel some assurance and comfort after the purchase.  I just hope that if something goes wrong, that the company is good about warranty returns.

I recommend this unit to ANYONE that wants to tip-toe or jump right in to electric sex toys.  This one’s a winner!

Check out this product video!