User rating
Pros: It's reasonably quiet. I can't hear it outside my bedroom. Strong vibrations. Vibration modes range from "pulse" to "rapid fire". Long lasting rechargeable battery. Doesn't have a tendency to "roll" while inserted
Cons: Not 100% waterproof. Can be tricky to use by yourself.

Lelo Billy

In our review of the LELO BILLY, we take a look at one of our favorite prostate massagers.  This is prostate massage at its finest. Billy is the Cadillac of male vibrators.

The ergonomic design is outstanding, and mirrors the male form.  It is a thinner device, so if you are looking for something with girth, this isn’t it (check out the Rocks Off Big Boy).  These compact dimensions make it practical and easy to use without the discomfort some may experience with a larger product.


Total product length: 6 inches
Insertable length: 4 inches
Maximum diameter: 1 1/8 inches
Vibrator: multiple settings

Multiple stimulation modes

There are 6 stimulation modes, with controls for variable speeds and intensities.  You can choose variations of “pulse” and “rapid fire”.  This allows for MANY different types of stimulation.  Other devices just can’t match the Lelo.  Most male vibrators are either on or off.  No adjustable vibrations.

The pleasure level while using this device?  Yeah, it’s like the pic you see below…


funny cat


One complaint about the Billy

We don’t like the position of the power and settings button.  When using with a partner, it’s not a problem.  Using it solo can be a challenge.  Here’s why…

Since the controls are integrated right into the handle, it’s easy to accidentally hit the button and change the vibration mode.  If you have a lot of slippery lube down there, this can make for a slippery mess. Also, positioning against the prostate can be tricky unless you have a partner.  It’s not designed for hands-free use, like the Rocks Off Rude Boy.  This means sitting on it is not an option.

Long lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery

Back to the good stuff:  it uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. This provides up to 4 hours of use from a single 2 hour charge.  Not bad at all.  Much better than some of the cheaper devices on the market.  Good if you are environmentally conscious regarding batteries.

Body safe materials

It’s constructed of body safe, FDA approved materials.  Built with phthalate-free silicone which makes it safe to use in and around the body.

Check out the Aneros Vice, for something a bit different.  Vice is easier to clean, and waterproof.  It’s also easier to use when going solo.  Not quite as sexy to look at, but it feels awesome!

If you buy it and DON’T like it…

No problem.  Give it to that lucky lady in your life.  Billy is an excellent clitoral (g spot) vibrator for women.  Sometimes we, as men, just can’t bond with a particular male massager.  Just make sure you clean it VERY will before she uses it.

Be sure to watch the videos at the end of this post

These are great product videos that give you a real sense of what you’re dealing with.  The only thing better would be to have one in your hand to test it yourself.

The first video is the most informative.  It gives the best viewpoint for the device.  It goes into significant detail on how to operate it, how to charge it, and how to clean it.  If you only have time to watch one, this is it.


  • 4 hours of pleasure from a 2 hour charge is EXCELLENT
  • The curved design is fantastic for direct stimulation of the prostate
  • Nice amount of “heft”.  It feels like a durable product, with quality craftsmanship
  • Controls are easy to reach
  • Strong vibrating motor.  Nice selection of different vibes
  • 6 vibration patterns, with adjustable speeds…NICE feature!
  • Doesn’t have a tendency to “roll” while inserted
  • Most of the vibration stays in the business end.  Not much makes it back to your hand.

A review from a VERY satisfied user

I have tried four different prostate massagers, only keeping one in the night stand. The other three are destined for the trash. Having a medical background I had a very good idea of how it should be shaped and operate. I wanted something rigid, but soft feeling. I also valued a slight curvature but still somewhat linear body so I could point it where it needs to go. But most importantly, a strong variable speed vibrator.

The LELO meets each of those specifications. The quality is very good (even though there is a fair amount of plastic in the handle). It feels very solid in the hand and the controls are within easy reach. I did struggle between 4 and 5 stars for the simple reason that other reviews have mentioned. When you’re lubed up and the unit is “upside down”, things can get interesting if you are solo. However my wife finds…

CLICK HERE for the full review…


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See these product videos!

There are two of them.  Definitely worth a few minutes of your time.  The first one is the best.