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Pros: The hand-held remote control is very nice. It saves you from fumbling around your backside while doing your business.
Cons: The vibration intensities were a little weak for our taste. The size is a bit slim. We prefer something bigger, but this would be a PRO for noobs or those who prefer smaller toys.

mangasm edge

Ok.  Let’s just start by saying that the Mangasm Edge exceeded our expectations in both build quality and pleasure factor.  To be perfectly honest, we weren’t expecting much from this toy.

We scoured the internet for over a week, reading numerous reviews and reading what folks had to say about it.  After dragging our feet for a while, we decided to purchase one of these devices.  After thorough testing and experimenting, we feel comfortable enough to give our review.  We’re definitely glad we gave it a try.

Let’s do this…

The Mangasm Edge is a sweet vibrating prostate toy

It’s been a few weeks since we tried out a new prostate stimulator.  Here at Best Prostate Massager Guide, we’ve run the gamut and tried nearly every type of male prostate toy on the market.  From the cold, hard Njoy Pure Wand to the electrifying Mangasm Electro, we’ve reviewed them all.

Convenient, corded remote control

This toy is different from all the others in that it has corded remote control so you can adjust the vibrations.  Simply place the massager in your bum and hold the controller in your hand.  This is a nice feature, since you don’t have to reach and fumble around your nether regions to make those often necessary tweaks.

If you like remote control prostate toys, check out the Nexus Revo Stealth.  Stealth has a WIRELESS remote.  Awesome if you have a partner that wants to control you from a distance 🙂

Good for the beginner

The thickness of the edge is a bit slimmer than most of the toys we’ve reviewed, and it has a pointy end, as seen in the product photo.  This makes it easier to insert and get into position.  A bonus for noobs, but more experienced players may be turned off by this smaller size.

It’s made from a hard ABS type plastic.  As you probably know, we prefer silicone coated toys, but this is still quite comfortable.

But the vibes could be better

As far as the vibe intensity, we were a bit disappointed.  On the lowest setting its…VERY low.  Not even enough for a giggle.  Bump it up a few notches and it does get better.  Taking it up to the max setting was quite nice, but still not what we were hoping for.  The strength of the vibration could be a bit stronger for our tastes.  This is why we LOVE the Lelo Billy and the rest of their vibrator lineup.  Lelo’s vibes are FAR superior in build quality and vibe intensity.  But they’re also more expensive.

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All in all, this is still a great toy from an established adult toy company (Mangasm).  For the money, it’s a good value and will definitely have a special place in our bedroom toolbox.]

A real customer review

I got this to try and was pleased that, due to the size, was met with no hesitation to try something different in the bedroom. The base was easy to handle and the size was perfect for a beginner. I felt in complete control and my partner had no complaints on how it felt or the results from it. I will definitely be looking into more male-oriented items in the future from this company. Very pleased all around with the quality and…

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A video!

The Mangasm Edge portion of the video starts at 1:40.  Watch the whole thing, or skip straight to the good stuff.