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Pros: It's fun and different! Not many devices on the market that provide true electric stimulation to the prostate area.
Cons: Expensive. Not as durable as traditional, one-piece massagers.

mangasm electro

Electrically induced orgasms?

The Mangasm Electro is a very unique prostate tool.  It uses electrical stimulation to excite the gland.  Similar to a TENS Unit, that’s used for muscle rehab.  In a nutshell, it’ll give you an electrically induced orgasm.  Sound dangerous?  It’s really not, as it is powered only by 2 AAA batteries.  3 volts of power is only enough for a tickle!

Also, check out the ElectraStim Flick Duo.  It utilizes e-stim, much like this device, but it’s a much higher quality unit, with many different modes of operation.  Unfortunately, it’s also significantly more expensive.  You get what you pay for.

If this product interests you…

ElectraStim Duo Flick…take a look at the Electrastim Flick.  This is a higher grade product, with MANY more pleasure settings.  It’s also built to higher quality standards, in my opinion.  It accepts various attachments, such as electrical anal plugs, cock rings and more.  Unfortunately, it comes with a hefty price tag.  Be prepared to shell out some serious $$ for this one.


More novelty than therapeutic, but still fun to use

I don’t consider this a therapeutic device.  I think it’s a cool toy that falls into the “fun” category.  Something cool to try out and keep around the house.  But not a daily driver.

Mangasm claims this is the first device of its kind:  “the world’s first e-stim electrosex prostate stimulator.”  Not sure if it’s truly the first, but it’s very unique indeed.  It has 12 different intensity levels, and various pre-set modes of operation. The possibilities for electric pleasure are endless.

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Additional thoughts

This toy is probably not for beginners.  More experienced players will likely be more comfortable using one.  However,  you could always work up to it, regardless of your experience level!

For the anal play pros, this toy is a valuable addition to any guy’s sex toy toolbox. Even so, it could quickly become a novelty.  Use it sparingly, for those special times when you wanna “kick it up a notch.”


A real review from a VERY satisfied user:

My last girlfriend was a nurse and she got me hooked on how good it feels to get your prostrate stimulated right. Very powerful orgasms, when done the way it should be. I was a bit nervous when I realized how it works, but a powerful feeling is a powerful feeling and I finally decided to try it.

Unfortunately, this device does not come with instructions, so there was some trial and error involved. The electro-stimulation takes a bit of getting used to. I would strongly urge new users to approach the controls cautiously and scientifically and be positioned so you can unplug the cord quickly if you need to.

That said, once I got the hang of it, the device worked really well and provided me with some of the most powerful orgasms I’ve had since my girlfriend and I parted ways.

CLICK HERE for the full review


Here is a link to the manufacturer site for the EXACT same product.  MUCH cheaper on Amazon.

There’s a video available that shows a man using the Electro

We won’t link to it from our site, but if you’re curious, it can be found on a porn site called  WARNING: this is x-rated!  If you want to see it, here is the link.  It may not be viewable on some mobile devices.