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Pros: Perfect size for prostate massage. Stainless steel is great for temperature play. The loop handle is perfect for insertion and removal.
Cons: Expensive, but hey, it's stainless steel. You get exactly what you pay for.

Njoy prostate pfun plug
Welcome to our review of the Njoy Prostate Pfun Plug.  This is another top-notch anal stimulator for men from the Njoy company.  When taking this thing out of the box, it looks more like a work of art than a sex toy.  The highly polished, mirror shine is amazing.  The hard, unforgiving nature of stainless steel lends an exotic touch to the device.  I felt like a kid opening a birthday present when I set eyes on it.

Like the Pure Wand, this device is made from 100% medical grade stainless steel.  The dimensions are PERFECT for reaching and maintaining pressure on the prostate gland.

We LOVE this toy for 3 reasons:

  1. It can be a hands-free device.  Once inserted, your anal muscles will hold it in place; but you’ll need a strong “grip” down there to hold it.  The anatomically correct form of the toy will apply constant and firm pressure to the P spot.
  2. It’s made from medical grade stainless steel.  If you’ve been following our blog, you already know we absolutely adore steel massagers.  They’re easy to clean, they’re nearly indestructible, and they’re great for temperature play.
  3. Very little lube is required.  This goes for all stainless toys.  A little goes a long way.


We don’t like this toy for 1 reason:

It has a tendency to slide out unexpectedly.  The large Pure Plug stays inserted much better.  Unless you have a super strong sphincter, you might have difficulty keeping it in place.  Your results may vary.  However, if you have a comfortable place to sit on it, this may be the best toy you ever used.  Simply amazing once you find a technique to keep it in place.


For something different, check out the Njoy Fun Wand.  Different shape, different ways to use it.  Still made from 100% stainless steel.  Pure Awesomeness…


  • Maximum insertable length:  3.5 inches (perfect for prostate massage)
  • Maximum diameter:  1.25 inches, medium size
  • Total length:  4.75 inches end to end

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A real customer review from Amazon

My doctor suggested that I look into prostate massage now that I am approaching 60 rather than taking medications. Being a compulsive person, I checked out every P-spot massager on the market before purchasing one. Face it, even at my doctor’s direction, its still a sensitive area and I didn’t want to make a mistake that would compromise my health. Cost actually was a secondary concern.

After reading dozens of websites and independent reviews, I finally found Kidder Kaper’s review of the Njoy Phun Plug on his “Sex is Fun” webpage. He swears by it and now I do too…

CLICK HERE for the full review…

We highly recommend this anal lube:

luvbutterIt’s an oil based lube called LuvButter.  Our absolute favorite.  Perfectly slippery. Slick but not TOO slick. The most satisfying sex lube we have ever experienced.  The natural oils really work well with stainless steel sex toys. It’s expensive, but if you’re investing in an expensive toy, why not use a top quality lube?


An informative video for the Pfun Plug