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Pros: Stainless is the ultimate for durability and ease of maintenance. Multiple sizes are available.
Cons: A bit pricey, but worth every penny.

njoy pure plug large

Drumroll, please…here is our exclusive review of the PURE Njoy Metal Butt Plug.  If you’ve been reading our blog, you probably know that we are FREAKS about stainless steel prostate massagers and butt plugs.  There’s something special about stainless sex toys.  I don’t know quite how to describe it.  They’re naught, but nice.  Hard, but cold.  Yet sexy and fulfilling at the same time.


 Be sure to watch the great unboxing video at the bottom of this post

This is the most in-depth video review for the Pure Plug that I’ve ever seen.  A MUST SEE


The plug comes in 3 sizes:

Click the blue link to see more information

  • Njoy Pure Plug Large – maximum diameter of 1.5 inches.  Maximum insertable length is about 3 inches.   This is the one in the picture.  Recommended for experienced users.
  • Njoy Pure Plug Medium –  maximum diameter of 1.25 inches.  Maximum insertable length is about 3 inches.  Recommended for more advanced users.
  • Njoy Pure Plug Small –  maximum diameter of 1 inch.  Maximum insertable length is about 3 inches.  A great starter plug for beginners.

If these plugs aren’t big enough for you…

Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 xl…you should check out the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 XL.  It’s a full 2 inches in diameter.  This is a great option for the “SIZE MATTERS” crowd.

All are cast from 316 stainless steel.  Translated to laymen’s terms: high quality stuff.  The same type of steel used for medical instruments, like forceps.  Polished to a mirror shine, it’s extremely easy to clean.  Maximum durability.  Seriously, these will last a lifetime.  You can pass down to your kids or grandkids upon your journey into the next life!  🙂

The safety loop built into these toys is a very nice feature.  It keeps the plug from going in too far, while providing an easy handle to manipulate or pull it out.

It’s great for sexy times around the house.  Men and women both get mind-numbing enjoyment.  It hits his P spot and her G spot with precision and gusto.  As we mention in other posts, stainless is great for temperature play.  Heat it up or cool it down for some really interesting experiences.

Plugs are also fabulous to wear outside the house.  Those trips to the store or nights out with friends can be really interesting if you wear one of these.  If being extra naughty is your thing, the Fun Plug will help you out.

Check out the Njoy Prostate Pfun plug.  It’s a stainless steel dildo that’s perfect for prostate play.  Kinda shaped like a penis, actually.


Some personal thoughts regarding this plug

This is THE BEST butt plug I’ve ever used.  Period.  There, I said it.

Here’s why:

I’ve tried plugs  from every single persuasion:  silicone, plastic, stainless, glass, etc.  Stainless steel makes a perfect sex toy.  It makes a superior product, bar none.  Easy to clean.  Easy to use.  Very durable and long lasting.  What more could you ask, outside of a cheaper price?

I’ve personally taken the large and medium sizes for test drives.  Goodness…the large is a bit too demanding for guy like me. Here’s my story.

I ordered the large version from Amazon.  It arrived a few days later in the pretty little box that’s always so exciting to see on my front door step.  I send the kid to go clean his room, so I can have a little privacy.  I was dying to open this package and get a better look at my new Pure Plug.  It felt like Christmas.  Christmas for my bung hole.  The sparkly, shiny, smooth, erotic looking stainless steel toy was just glowing at me when I opened up the box it came in.  This is a very snazzy box, BTW.  It makes the total package seem luxurious and exquisite.

It took me a couple of days to work up the courage to give it a try.  It just sat there nicely for two full days in my bedroom.  The box untouched.  The plug just dying to get out.

That evening I decided it was time.  I lubed up with a generous amount of silicone lube. See our lubricants page for more info.  It works like any other butt plug, but the solid, hefty feel of the stainless is a feeling to behold.  The loop on the end acts as both a phlange to keep it from going too far in, and a handle, making it easy to pull out.

Needless to say, it was an exhilarating experience.  I have to admit, it was a bit uncomfortable at first, since my butthole wasn’t stretched out enough.  But, after a few minutes of working up to it, this baby just slid right in.

I’m sure my face looked something like this:


Here were my (funny) stages of insertion…

…from start to finish

  1. Starting out, I thought “meh, this isn’t so bad!”  With a cheesy smile on my face
  2. Working it in, to about 1/2 insertion, the girth of this plug is really starting to “sink in”  🙂 This is where the somewhat painful from envelopes my face
  3. Getting it aaaaaaalmost in, a naughty, devious grin overcomes me.  “Yeah, sometimes it’s good to be bad!”
  4. Finally, once it’s all the way there, a feeling of relief and serenity.  Ahhhhh, so this is what butt plug bliss feels like!

Everyone has their favorite style or method of inserting ass plugs.  I’ll let you fill in the blanks and create your own experiences.

The moral of the story is:  Go big, or go home

I tried the big boy, and survived to see another day.  If this interests you, don’t be shy.  Check it out for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.


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We highly recommend this anal lube:

luvbutterIt’s an oil based lube called LuvButter.  Our absolute favorite.  Perfectly slippery. Slick but not TOO slick. The most satisfying sex lube we have ever experienced.  The natural oils really work well with stainless steel sex toys. It’s expensive, but if you’re investing in an expensive toy, why not use a top quality lube?

A great unboxing video

This gives you a great view of the size and shape.  The medium size is on display in the video.