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Pros: Nearly indestructible. Easy to clean
Cons: A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. As with all stainless steel products, this baby can be a little cold on your man parts. We suggest you warm it up in a bowl of heated water.

Njoy pure wand

Before we get started

The Pure Wand was DESIGNED to be a men’s sex toy.  It wasn’t until later that it became known as a great toy for women too!


After reviewing and testing this device, we came to the following conclusion:  the Njoy Pure Wand is another AWESOME stainless steel prostate massager from the Njoy company.  The design is ergonomic and easy to work with.  The different sized ends are a GREAT feature.   The smaller end for him, and the bigger end for her.  But, for you guys that like the bigger end, go for it!


See the technical diagram further down this post for even greater detail.

  • 8 inches, end to end
  • 10 inches of pure, medical grade stainless steel
  • the small end is a 1 inch diameter ball
  • the big end is a 1.5 inch diameter ball
  • polished to a mirror shine for easy clean up and sanitation
  • weighs about 1.5 pounds

What we love MOST about the Pure Wand:

It’s like having 2 toys in one.  How?  Well, you get the 1 inch AND the 1.5 inch bulbs on a single device.  This is great for beginners, with the ability to start small, and then work up to the larger end.  It’s great for female partners,which also makes it a dual purpose device.

Like all stainless steel prostate massagers, this toy can feel VERY cold on your man parts if not properly warmed up.  We advise you to put it in a bowl of warm water for a bit before use.  Of course, if you like “temperature play,” then feel free to experiment with hot or cold.  Whatever turns you on!

If anal plugs are your thing, Njoy has a whole lineup of VERY WELL DESIGNED stainless butt plugs.  Small, medium and large.  

How to use it

Before we get into the best way to use this product, let me just say that I can go to bed with a smile on my face after using this Stainless Steel BEAST.  Because of the heaviness and smoothness, you really can explore your body in ways you never imagined.  Most other toys just can’t compete when it comes to anal exploration.  It’s difficult for me to describe, but I’ll say the sensations are intense and very satisfying.

The smooth finish and heft work well with the curve of the device.  You can easily apply the proper amount of pressure to ALL those mysterious places in your body.  Once you get the hang of it, locating the prostate is no trouble at all.  The Njoy Pure Wand will find it.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Using the business end (the big one) requires a little more “training” to get used to it.  Like other, larger toys, it requires a steady but slow pace when first going in.  Go slowly and take your time.  Your butt will let you know when it’s ready for more rigorous activity.

This is how I felt when I first used it…


Once the wand is in place, you have a number of options, including but not limited to:

  • you can masturbate simultaneously for a truly mind blowing experience
  • you can twist it around (big end or small end) and feel/probe around until you find the right spot
  • you can twist it sideways and move it around with your inner leg for hands-free operation

There are tons of other ways to use it, but we found these to be our favorites.

If stainless prostate toys are YOUR thing…

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A review from a VERY satisfied user:

You are probably thinking this review is way too long for a sex toy, but I like to be thorough. Now if you are here you have probably heard all the rave reviews on this beauty. So really my work here is probably done, but just in case you haven’t here’s my perspective.

I spent weeks debating on whether to get this. I thought it would be too small/too big for me to enjoy it, the curve was too extreme, and I just couldn’t possibly justify the cost. Oh trust me, you can justify it, and you will love every single inch of it…

CLICK HERE for the full review…

And…a diagram of the Pure Wand!

njoy pure wand specs

We highly recommend this anal lube:

luvbutterIt’s an oil based lube called LuvButter.  Our absolute favorite.  Perfectly slippery. Slick but not TOO slick. The most satisfying sex lube we have ever experienced.  The natural oils really work well with stainless steel sex toys. It’s expensive, but if you’re investing in an expensive toy, why not use a top quality lube?

Also…an informative video from the creators of this device

This vid gives some great information on the awesome Pure Wand.  This is a sizable piece of equipment.  You will see what I mean when you watch this.