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Pros: Very durable. It doesn't get much better than stainless steel. Excellent design. Anatomically correct. Great for beginners and experts. Easy to clean and sterilize.
Cons: Expensive. This is truly the ONLY downside for this device.

njoy stainless steel fun wand

It’s not every day that we think of  prostate massage and stainless steel in a single sentence.  Well, today is the day.  We are reviewing the Njoy Stainless Steel Fun Wand.   This device performs the same function as other prostate stimulators that we have discussed.  It’s totally different because it’s constructed entirely of 100% stainless steel.  Shined to a glassy smooth finish.  I consider this the ultimate tool in a prostate massager arsenal.

For starters, it’s extremely durable.  You could run over this thing with your car and not even scratch it.  The mirror smooth finish means it is VERY easy to clean and sterilize after use.  Simply wipe it off and run some hot, soapy water over it.  You could even put it in your dishwasher!  This is the ultimate in easy maintenance.

Another great steel prostate massager is the Njoy Pure Wand.  I think it’s easier to use, because of its more distinct curve.  Check it out.

One word of caution:  you will want to heat this baby up in the sink or a pan of warm water.  Pulling it straight out of your top dresser drawer and popping it into your bum is NOT recommended.  Nothing worse than the feeling of cold steel on your sensitive man-parts.

njoy stainless steel info

See the diagram that shows the dimensions of this tool.  As you can see, it is designed for both men and women.  Hours of fun for you and your female partner, if you desire.  Njoy has an entire line of outstanding stainless steel products.





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A short product video

Here is s a quick glimpse of the product.   Notice the sweet looking box!