User rating
Pros: Easy to use. Hands free. Massages both the prostate and scrotum. 100% waterproof. Ample vibration strength.
Cons: It has a tendency to slip out when using too much lube. Use the minimum amount necessary. Works best when sitting on it. Standing use could cause it to pop out

rocks off rude boy prostate massager

Hands free with great vibes

The Rocks Off Rude Boy massager is a top-notch vibrator for men, made by the Rocks Off company.  A close cousin to the Big Boy and the Naughty Boy, it’s a hands-free, dual action sex toy, made SPECIFICALLY for men.  Using this device couldn’t be more simple.  Just position this bullet behind the scrotum, with the other end resting against the prostate.  It can be used while standing or laying down.  Just relax and enjoy the good vibrations!

Another vibrating massager we like is the Mangasm Edge.  It has a corded remote control!  A great prostate milking toy.

100% waterproof and body safe materials

It’s constructed of pure, medical grade silicone.  Safe to use, hypoallergenic.  It’s odorless, extremely flexible, and soft and silky to touch.  The vibrating part, shown in the picture, is an 80 mm bullet with seven adjustable speeds.  Did we mention it’s 100% waterproof?  Yes, it is.  Great for playing in the shower, or anywhere else.

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Additional thoughts:

  • Use the least amount of lube necessary.  This device tends to “pop out” if things get too slippery.  It doesn’t stay put as well as the Big Boy.  It stays in best if you sit on it.
  • This thing is versatile!  You can use it sitting or standing.  In the shower or the bedroom.  Even while riding in the car, if that’s your thing!
  • The vibrations are quite strong.  Definitely enough to make you ooze those seminal fluids even before climax
  • The Rude Boy also works well for women.  It can buzz her clitoris equally as well as a man’s perineum
  • Solid construction.  It feels durable, and has a nice weight in the hand.


A review from a VERY satisfied user:

My very first try of this product was not stellar, I was in a bad mood which in turn made it a bad experience. I was not however willing to give up on using this, so I decided to drink a little alcohol and give it another try, this time with my partner’s voice in my ear as I called her and something sensational happened, I was all kinds of turned on and gasping for air because of how intense the pleasure was. My early skepticism died with the second usage and blossomed into one of the most pleasurable experiences I have ever had. Just to see if it was the alcohol turning me into a “rude boy” I tried it the next night without alcohol and it was still as amazing as the first time I used it.

I rate this product 5 extreme orgasms out of 5.

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