The headline, “erotic exploration for men and their partners” is the first thing I notice upon entering their site.  Lots of great information on topics like: pegging and anal intercourse, prostate toys, positions and more.  They maintain a great site, keeping their articles light-hearted and easy to read.  The information presented is comprehensive and very useful.  I, personally, love their style. is an excellent resource for all things related to men’s health.  Their site covers a wide range of topics, such as prostate health, incontinence, prostate cancer and vasectomy.  And those topics are just the tip of the iceberg.

I highly recommend reading the 6 pillars of prostate health, and all the other resource pages in that article.  This guide isn’t just for your prostate. It’s a fantastic read for improving your overall health; including topics on diet, lifestyle and exercise.



Prostate Massage and Health

Prostate-massage-and is another great place to visit, for even more prostate information.  A EXCELLENT resource for information on various aspects of  men’s health. They offer lots of different videos and guides to teach you a great deal about prostate massage.

I urge you to watch the video that explains internal techniques, and using correct motion to get the most out of your massages.